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The #1 Reason Dieters Should Cleanse Their Colon

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Lose weight and be confident

Did you know that most people carry 4 - 25 pounds of extra weight around everyday? By extra weight I mean pounds of dangerous toxins and disgusting sludge that has built up in the colon and digestive track over the years. Unfortunately many people trying to lose weight ignore this fact and fail to realize they must cleanse their colon to shed pounds.

The effects of an unhealthy colon

Not eating enough vegetables can lead to an unhealthy colon

Toxic buildup can form in the colon due to poor diet, mass consumption of toxins, lack of exercise, or other problems. This buildup can cause a number of ailments from acne to depression, but rarely is the digestive system seen as the underlying cause. Of course, the most obvious effect of an unhealthy colon is bloating and extra weight that doesn’t not respond to diet and exercise, especially around the stomach area. That flab around your belly isn’t just fat…it’s sludge!

Lose weight fast by cleansing your colon first

Blast belly fat with a colon cleanse

Many people trying to lose weight will start a diet and fail to see the results they need no matter how hard they exercise or how closely they watch what they eat. Rarely do they realize this is because the extra weight they are carrying around is all trapped in their colon and cannot be released without a proper colon cleanse (also known as body cleanse). As gross as it sounds, the first step to losing weight is to clean out the waste that has accumulated in your body over the years. Especially if you’ve been eating lots of fatty foods throughout your life or haven’t been known to exercise, simply changing your diet to incorporate more fiber and healthy foods and working out a couple times per week is not enough.

The bottom line is this: if you want to lose weight, you have to give your body a push by cleansing your digestive track.

I hope this information helps you in your journey to blast flab, lose weight, and get in shape!