4 Ways to Keep the Weight Off for Good

April 13th, 2009

After a long road of dieting and forming new and healthy exercise habits, many people are thrilled once they reach their target weight. However, once you are in better shape and feeling great, you still have to work to keep the weight off for good. Here are 4 easy tips to help you maintain your target weight.

1 - Stay hydrated

Even you don’t drink enough water, you may experience hunger pangs - the last thing you want when you’re trying to avoid those extra pounds. Keep yourself hydrated with enough water every day and you will not only eat less, but you will also help your body do its job to blast fat and keep your organs functioning at their best.

2 - Get moving first thing in the morning

Even if you don’t plan on exercising later that day, getting active for even 10 short minutes when you first wake up can work wonders for your fitness levels. Get your blood pumping once you roll out of bed and you can jump start your metabolism for the rest of the day, helping your body burn calories and fat at faster rates than before. It feels good, too!

3 - Eat small meals throughout the day

Avoid the temptation to eat too much in any one sitting. Keep healthy snacks like nuts, berries, and fruits with you at work or in the house and snack when you feel the urge. Eating throughout the day can help keep your metabolism high because your body knows its getting food again soon and won’t try to hold onto extra calories or store them as fat. Plus, eating several smaller meals can help you avoid feeling deprived.

4 - Be consistent

If you let yourself go on weekends or special occasions, you will lose motivation to stick with your new diet during the rest of the week. Don’t let this temptation to indulge undo all the hard work you’ve done. Consistency in your eating and exercise habits is the only way to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you slip up, get back on track and if you need motivation, just think about how far you’ve come! And if you start to feel bloated like you’ve gained a few pounds pack, try doing a colon cleanse before you panic!

Good luck!

The #1 Reason Dieters Should Cleanse Their Colon

April 13th, 2009

Lose weight and be confident

Did you know that most people carry 4 - 25 pounds of extra weight around everyday? By extra weight I mean pounds of dangerous toxins and disgusting sludge that has built up in the colon and digestive track over the years. Unfortunately many people trying to lose weight ignore this fact and fail to realize they must cleanse their colon to shed pounds.

The effects of an unhealthy colon

Not eating enough vegetables can lead to an unhealthy colon

Toxic buildup can form in the colon due to poor diet, mass consumption of toxins, lack of exercise, or other problems. This buildup can cause a number of ailments from acne to depression, but rarely is the digestive system seen as the underlying cause. Of course, the most obvious effect of an unhealthy colon is bloating and extra weight that doesn’t not respond to diet and exercise, especially around the stomach area. That flab around your belly isn’t just fat…it’s sludge!

Lose weight fast by cleansing your colon first

Blast belly fat with a colon cleanse

Many people trying to lose weight will start a diet and fail to see the results they need no matter how hard they exercise or how closely they watch what they eat. Rarely do they realize this is because the extra weight they are carrying around is all trapped in their colon and cannot be released without a proper colon cleanse (also known as body cleanse). As gross as it sounds, the first step to losing weight is to clean out the waste that has accumulated in your body over the years. Especially if you’ve been eating lots of fatty foods throughout your life or haven’t been known to exercise, simply changing your diet to incorporate more fiber and healthy foods and working out a couple times per week is not enough.

The bottom line is this: if you want to lose weight, you have to give your body a push by cleansing your digestive track.

I hope this information helps you in your journey to blast flab, lose weight, and get in shape!

5 Weight Loss Tips To Help You Stay on Track

April 13th, 2009

With obesity being an epidemic and processed foods filling up our stomachs, more and more people are looking to lose weight but don’t know where to begin. While the key components to any weight loss program are a healthy diet and regular exercise, there are several things you can do to help yourself along while shedding pounds.

1 - Tell people about your weight loss goal

How many pounds will you lose?

Sometimes doing things for ourselves is not enough - we need external motivators. It’s only human to get lazy, but if you are serious about getting in shape, you have to find new ways to stay motivated. Sharing your weight loss goals with people close to you is a great way to stay on track. Knowing you don’t want to let these people down can be the difference between a run on the treadmill and eating another pint of ice cream.

2 - Keep a food journal or diary to track your meals

Keep a food diary it really works

Journaling has been shown to play an important role in the success of any diet or weight loss program. Keeping track of what you eat on a daily basis not only shows you where you get your calories, but also serves as inspiration. When you start to notice the changes in your eating habits over time you will be even more motivated to keep up with your diet. Likewise, the simple act of journaling your food intake can help keep you focused on the present and your ultimate goal to shed pounds and eat healthy.

3 - Start going to bed earlier and getting enough rest

Sleeping helps you lose weight

Few realize that getting enough sleep is essential to losing weight. Not only does sleep help your body function at its optimal level, it will also give you more energy to do the things you need to do like exercise, plan healthy meals, cook, and track your progress. The more you get into the habit of staying up late, the harder a time you will have getting into a healthy eating and exercise routine. Don’t underestimate the important of going to bed at a set time and sticking with your schedule. It’s the only way to keep your momentum.

4 - Let yourself indulge on your favorite treats occasionally

Have a treat on occasion

If you crave cookies, ice cream, and french fries all the time, you have to replace those foods with healthier options you find just as enjoyable (yes with a little research it is possible). Still, depriving yourself of the things you want is no way to stay motivated. Allow yourself to eat a slice of pizza or have a piece of cake from time to time and you will not feel so restricted and inclined to cheat.

5 - Take a multivitamin daily

Take your vitamins on a diet

Studies have shown that dieters who take multivitamins have more success. Not only do multivitamins help keep your body functioning at its best and your organs doing their job of metabolizing your food at a healthy rate, they also make sure your body gets all the nutrients and minerals it craves, which leads to less cravings and hunger pangs. It’s a win-win situation.

I hope these tips help you stay on track, reach your target weight, and start living a healthier lifestyle. You may also want to try colon cleansing or Acai berry supplements which have been known to expedite the weight loss process. Good luck!

5 Ways to Start Living Healthy Now

April 13th, 2009

In today’s hi-tech world, we rarely leave time for ourselves. Important things like eating healthy, exercise, and taking time to relax fall by the wayside as we struggle to achieve and produce, but ignoring the needs of our body and mind eventually takes it toll, and one day we may wake up and find ourselves overworked, overstressed, and physically exhausted, due to an improper diet or lack of physical fitness. The best thing to do if you want to avoid a rude awakening is to start living healthier today by making 5 easy changes now.

1 - Drink more water


It keeps your engine running, improves your skin tone, curbs hunger cravings, helps your body burn fat, aids in concentration, assists in digestion, and helps maintain your alertness.

2 - Take walks instead of driving

If you can walk, do. Peppering your routine with short walks to the store or to run other errands can really make a huge difference in your fitness levels.

3 - Eat more fruits and vegetables

They’re tasty if you know the right recipes so get out there and find them. Farmers markets are a great place to look and you can search online for tons of healthy, delicious recipes.

4 - Schedule time to pamper and enjoy yourself

Don’t let life get in the way of your happiness. Schedule appointments with yourself to do whatever it is that makes you feel good - whether that is reading a book, getting a massage, or going to the beach. It’s important!

5 - Take deep breaths

If you find yourself overwhelmed by stress, deep breathing is a perfect way to release the tension and relax. All it takes is 30 seconds and you will feel rejuvenated. Just breathe.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, start a new diet, get in shape, cleanse your system, or simply trying to live a more fulfilling life, I hope this list helps you take the first steps towards a healthier, happier you.

10 Great Reasons to Get In Shape Now

April 13th, 2009

Lots of people intend to get in shape but don’t get around to it because they just aren’t motivated. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. I hope looking at this list of reasons to get fit will inspire you to take the first step, whether to diet, trim the belly fat, lose weight overall, or get started on a regular fitness routine.

1 - Get Into A Bikini Without Fear

Think of how much fun it could be to hit the beach with confidence!

2 - Go Out And Eat A Pizza Without Guilt

You’ll never have to avoid friendly gatherings or office parties with pizza again!

3 - Wear That Sexy Lingerie For Your Partner

This one is a no-brainer…who doesn’t want to have more fun in the bedroom?!

4 - Feel Good When Shopping For New Clothes

You’ll never have to walk out of store in a worse mood than when you arrived.

5 - Meet New Friends Who Like to Stay Active

Hanging out with people who make fitness a priority is refreshing and uplifting.

6 - Avoid Common Ailments Like Colds and Flu

You can have more fun when you’re more healthy and get more done that matters.

7 - Experience A Happier, More Positive Mood

Your enjoyment of life and ability to cope with stress will greatly benefit from being fit.

8 - Have More Energy To Do Everything You Love

Spend more time with the kids, take up a new hobby, or travel across the world. You can!

9 - Live Longer So You Can Have Lots More Fun

Who doesn’t want to live a longer life when their enjoying everyday? Make it a priority!

10 - Get In Touch With Your Own Inner Strength

Once you get in shape you will feel like you can conquer the world. It’s an amazing feeling!

I hope this list inspires you to get started on getting in shape! If you want a boost to your weight loss routine, you may also want to try supplements like Resveratrol to give your diet a healthy kick start and help control your appetite as you form new healthy eating habits.

Good luck!